Jib Cranes

We supply a wide range of different types of jib cranes, that can be freestanding, clamp around an existing column or bolt directly to a wall.

Comprising of various arm types, Jib cranes are built to customer requirements to ensure they fully satisfy the customers lifting requirements.


  • SWL: 25 - 2000kg
  • Arm length: up to 6m
  • Column height: up to 6m
  • Arm types: profile track, under-braced 1-beam, over-braced 1-beam and articulated/knuckle
  • Fixing: freestanding, wall fixing, clamp around/column fixing
  • Slewing arc: 270°on standard arms or 360° on articulated arms
  • Finish: powder coated, hot dip galvanised or stainless steel
  • Designed in accordance with BS 7333 : 1990


  • Quick delivery, usually within 10-14 working days
  • Made to order, no costs for excess steel or cutting
  • Free and easy to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • Braking device to control slewing speed
  • Lubrication-free acetyl bearings used on majority of jib arms
  • Base fabricated directly to pillar and therefore expensive foundation frames are not required



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